What to expect on the day of your surgery


You may be asked to arrive at the hospital two hours before your scheduled surgery time. The surgery time is estimated – there can be delays due to the nature of surgery and hospital emergencies. After you are checked in, hospital staff will take you to the preoperative area. You will be asked to put on a hospital gown. Your nurse will ask you some questions to make sure your preparation for surgery is complete. You will receive an IV so that you can get medicines and fluids during your surgery. 

In the operating room 

A team of anesthesia doctors and nurses, who will watch over you at all times, will carefully monitor you. This team will give you medicine to keep you asleep and comfortable. You will be kept warm during surgery with blankets, IV fluids and air warmers. You may have a urinary catheter placed; however, this is removed soon after surgery. Sometimes the catheter will remain in place for a few days, depending on the type of surgery you had. 

Immediately after surgery 

After your surgery, you will go to the Postoperative Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU). You may feel drowsy when you wake up. Nurses in the PACU will be with you. They will be frequently monitoring your blood pressure, pulse and breathing rate. Your nurses will also give you any medicines that you need. Your team will update your family on how you are doing. When you are ready, you will be moved to a postsurgical unit and remain there until you are ready to leave the hospital. It is important that you get out of bed, sit in a chair and walk as soon as possible the day of surgery. Do this often. 

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