Primary Care

We provide a team to meet all your primary care needs, not just a doctor. Nebraska Medicine uses a model built around more preventative care, called the Primary Care Medical Home.


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Why Nebraska Medicine as Your Medical Homebase:

Our Breadth of Services

Both preventive care services and the treatment of common and chronic illnesses are available at any of our family medicine and internal medicine clinics in the Omaha area.

  • Treatment of illnesses and injuries
  • Management of acute and chronic diseases
  • Physical exams, pre-employment exams and health assessments
  • Vaccinations and immunizations, including flu and pneumonia
  • Obstetrics services
  • Minor sports medicine evaluations and treatment
  • Hospital care
  • Wellness, health education and lifestyle modification services
  • In-office laboratory testing

See a Doctor Near Your Home

With locations throughout the Omaha metro area to serve your entire family, we are committed to partnering with you to make your family healthier not just now, but throughout your lives.

Three Immediate Care clinics - for evenings, weekends and holiday care.

We provide 14 locations spread across the Omaha area to see us, along with three clinics for urgent needs in evenings and on weekends and holidays. See the attached map, for our primary care and immediate care clinics. 

World-Renowned Care

With us, you get not only excellent primary care, but the benefits of international specialists, if you need them. We're the only health system in Nebraska to offer these specialists, thanks to our partnership with the University of Nebraska Medical Center. The same doctors who see you are doing groundbreaking research in their medical specialties.

You're Treated by a Team

While you still get to visit your primary care doctor, in the event he or she is not available, another doctor on your team will be able to see you. In addition, if your primary care doctor felt you can be better helped by a specialist, he or she will connect you with a pharmacist, dietitian, psychiatrist, psychologist or other type of behavioral health specialist, or a social worker, all of whom are already assigned to your team from the start of you becoming a patients.

No More Tracking Health Information on Scraps of Paper

Our One Chart | Patient Portal tracks all our medical records, and let's you know about upcoming screenings and other issues that it's time to address, in addition to helping you manage any ongoing health concerns.

Patient Centered Medical Home

We offer Patient Centered Medical Home care, a new way to help you access services where you live in order to feel better now, and become healthier.