Preparing for surgery

Thank you for choosing Nebraska Medicine. We look forward to providing you with a positive surgical experience.

The information in this section of our website is a step-by-step guide to help you prepare for your surgery. Each section relates to a different time frame and breaks the entire process down into manageable tasks.

Checking in for surgery

Depending on the time and location of your surgery, your physician's office or Pre-Surgical Screening will inform you of your check-in location.

Using an Incentive Spirometer

This video explains to you what the device is and how to use it correctly. 

Using crutches properly

This video is applicable if you know you will be using crutches after your surgery. 

Living at home with a central line catheter

These videos are applicable if you will be going home with a central line catheter after surgery. The purpose of these videos is to inform you and your family about your central line catheter in order to keep the line free from complications . View videos about living at home with a central line catheter.