Electronic Health Information Exchange

At the time of registration, you will be informed about  our use of electronic health information exchange (HIE).  HIE is an internet-based, health information exchange. Health care providers and health insurers from across the country and the world may share and use your information, as permitted by law.

Benefits of participation may include:

  • Your doctor(s) can quickly find health information about you, such as your lab and X-ray results, from providers  who have treated you in the past
  • Your doctor, hospital or pharmacy can quickly verify your insurance coverage
  • Your health insurer can electronically obtain health information needed to process your claim

Participation in HIE is voluntary. Patients concerned about sharing their health information in this way can choose to opt out or opt in by following the direction below. If you opt out, your decision applies only to our sharing your information through HIE and does not prevent us from requesting your health information from other health care institutions where you have previously received care. You need to contact other hospitals you have been to in order to opt out or opt in to share your information via HIE there.

How can I opt out?