Before Treatment: Billing Issues to Address

Review this checklist of billing issues before being treated. Get an estimate if you'd like to know what charges to expect:

Contact ACCESS Services at 402.552.3251 or toll free at 800.552.8802 to get an estimate of your hospital charges from a financial counselor.


  • Please complete and return the pre-registration form at least five days before your scheduled visit. View details on how to pre-register.
  • Please contact your insurance company before your hospital visit to meet any pre-authorization requirements. If these requirements are not met, your benefits may be reduced, leaving you responsible for paying most or all of your hospital expenses. Patients covered by Medicare will also need to complete the Medicare Secondary Payer Questionnaire (at the end of this page).

We appreciate your cooperation in assuring that this personal and insurance information is up-to-date.

Verify you're in-network or out-of-network

  • Please verify with your insurance company, prior to receiving treatment, whether or not Nebraska Medicine is an in-network facility. Nebraska Medicine may be contracted with your insurance company; however, your plan may not be included.
  • We also recommend that patients verify that physicians who will be providing care are in-network providers for their insurance. Hospital charges may be in-network but some of the physicians who provide services at Nebraska Medicine may not. It is the patient's responsibility to know which providers are in his/her network.

Make sure you're pre-certified for care

  • Many health insurance companies now require pre-admission certification, pre-authorization, or a second medical opinion before payment is made for an admission and/or outpatient treatment at a hospital. We recommend that patients call their insurance company to ensure that these requirements are met prior to your treatment.


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