Whether you have an itchy, red rash, a new bump, skin cancer, or a rare or unknown condition of the skin, our comprehensive Dermatology Program specializes in delivering the highest quality care for your skin, hair and nail concerns. Our team of board-certified dermatology specialists will make sure you receive the most advanced treatments as well as the best aesthetic results possible.

One of our primary goals is to provide you a personalized experience. When you meet with one of our dermatologists, he or she will diagnose your condition and develop a treatment plan designed for you. Our care team of doctors, nurses and staff has expertise in all aspects of dermatology, and has significant knowledge and experience in treating the most rare and complex dermatologic conditions. To ensure you receive the most comprehensive care, we also offer several multidisciplinary clinics for skin cancer, autoimmune and vein disease that involves collaboration and care by multiple specialists at Nebraska Medicine. This allows us to provide you a whole-person approach that covers every aspect of your care for not only your dermatologic needs, but other symptoms and complications related to your condition.

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Specialized Dermatologic Care

Dermatologists diagnose and treat more than 3,000 different diseases and conditions. Our highly trained team of board-certified dermatologists and dermatology oncologists can diagnose and treat all of your dermatologic needs from the most common to the more rare or complex conditions. That’s because we are more than general dermatologists.

While many health care providers offer care for dermatologic-related issues, our dermatology team has specialized training and expertise in specific areas of dermatology, including rare and complex skin cancers, venolymphatic disease, autoimmune skin diseases, laser and cosmetics and reconstructive surgery of the face, head and neck for skin cancer. This advanced expertise allows us to deliver the most current and innovative treatments to ensure you receive the highest quality of care with optimal results, both medically and aesthetically.

Team Approach to Care

Some skin conditions are complex or rare. They may require expertise, collaboration and care from multiple experts to ensure every aspect of your condition is managed appropriately and thoroughly. Because we are committed to providing the most comprehensive and advanced care, we have created multidisciplinary clinics for several dermatologic conditions including skin cancer, autoimmune conditions and vein diseases. When you come to one of our multidisciplinary clinics, you will be seen by multiple specialists, all in one visit, providing a more streamlined and collaborative approach to your care.

High-risk Skin Cancer Clinic

It is widely accepted that care from a team of specialists dedicated to a specific area of medicine will result in the most optimal outcomes. When you have a rare, aggressive or complex skin cancer, you want to know that you are receiving care from the most knowledgeable and experienced team of experts. When you receive care at our high-risk skin cancer clinic, you will be seen by our dermatologic oncologists, as well as a multidisciplinary team of specialists who focus exclusively on the treatment of skin cancer. Our team of specialists will discuss your case and develop a collaborative and customized plan of care. You will receive a wide range of preventative, diagnostic and therapeutic services in a single location using the most advanced technologies.

Autoimmune Skin Diseases Clinic

Autoimmune skin diseases can not only cause skin issues such as rashes, itching, redness and pain, they can attack your tissues, causing inflammation, swelling, pain and damage. This includes conditions such as psoriasis, lupus, dermatomyositis and scleroderma.

Our dermatology autoimmune clinic combines the expertise of our dermatologists, as well as our rheumatologists, musculoskeletal radiologists and other experts to address every aspect of your disease from your skin issues, to joint and inflammation symptoms and complications. We use some of the most cutting-edge treatments from immune-modulating medications, to intravenous infusions to treat the most severe cases.

Varicose Vein Disease Clinic

While varicose veins are primarily a cosmetic concern for most people, for some, they can cause pain and discomfort and may also be a symptom of a more serious vein disorder. Our comprehensive varicose vein disease clinic offers a wide variety of medical and procedural treatment options for spider veins, varicose veins, venous ulcers and chronic changes of the skin from vein disease. Our multidisciplinary team includes dermatologists who are certified by the American Board of Venolymphatic Medicine for the treatment of venous disorders and varicose veins. This means they have the knowledge and training to treat both your cosmetic concerns as well as venous problems that pose risks to your health.

Mohs Micrographic Surgery

Our Dermatology Program includes dermatologists who have received specialized fellowship training in Mohs surgery, the most effective technique for treating the two most common types of skin cancer, basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas, as well as melanoma. This highly specialized surgical procedure has the lowest recurrence rates, highest cure rates and best cosmetic results of any skin cancer treatment. The procedure is done at our clinic in stages, under local anesthesia, which allows our doctors to remove all cancerous cells while avoiding healthy tissue and leaving the least amount of scarring possible.

Using microscopic examination, our dermatologic oncologists are able to pinpoint the areas involved with cancer and selectively remove only those areas, preserving as much normal tissue as possible and minimizing scarring. The Mohs surgery technique has a 97 to 99 percent cure rate. Our surgeons will make every effort to obtain the best cosmetic results for you. They may also work in conjunction with other surgical specialists such as facial plastics, oculoplastics, otolaryngology (ENT) and general plastic surgery, as needed.

Cosmetic and Laser Dermatology

Our team of dermatologists have extensive experience and fellowship training in cosmetic dermatology and laser procedures. We believe in subtle enhancements to obtain a natural and refreshed appearance. We practice a personalized approach to cosmetic rejuvenation using a combination of topicals, injectables (neuromodulators and fillers), lasers and peels. We also use cosmetic techniques for the revision of surgical, traumatic and burn scars.

Some of the conditions we treat include:

  • Age Spots
  • Dark Circles under eyes
  • Facial Redness
  • Facial Veins
  • Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Frown Lines between brows
  • Hair Loss Treatment
  • Hair Removal
  • Hand Aging
  • Jowels
  • Leg Veins
  • Neck Fat/Double Chin
  • Sagging/Loose Skin
  • Skincare Regimen
  • TattoRemoval
  • Texture/Pore Size of skin
  • Uneven Skin Tone
  • Wrinkles/Lines around eyes
  • Wrinkles/Lines around mouth and nose

Some of the procedures we perform include:

  • Neuromodulators (Botox®, Dysport, Xeomin®)
  • Fillers (Juvederm voluma® XC, Juvederm® XC, Juvederm® Ultra XC, Belotero Balance®, Restylane)
  • Chemical peels (medium and superficial)
  • Laser peels
  • Full-face laser resurfacing (fractionated CO2)
  • Perioral or periocular resurfacing
  • Vbeam laser for red spots
  • Alex Trivantage for brown spots and tattoo removal
  • Hand rejuvenation
  • Spider vein treatment
  • Acne scar treatment
  • Surgical scar revision
  • Laser scar revision
  • Fractional Non-Ablative Laser (Fraxel Dual)
  • Earlobe repair
  • Mole removal
  • Latisse®
  • Sclerotherapy

Access to the Newest Treatments and Clinical Trials

Our dermatology team is continually looking for the most current and innovative therapies to treat your condition. We are directly involved in research and new clinical trials with the goal of finding novel treatments and cures for dermatologic diseases. A focus on research affords our doctors the opportunity to take part in some of the latest clinical trials, giving you early access to the newest drugs and most cutting-edge treatment options before they become widely available.