Media Relations

Nebraska Medicine has a proud history of partnering with journalists from around the region and around the world to expand the public knowledge of health care and can provide access to:

  • News on medical procedures and health issues
  • Expert and physician interviews
  • Patient information, stories and conditions

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Taylor Wilson


402.888.5479 (pager)

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Media policy

To protect the privacy of all patients in accordance with the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Nebraska Medicine requires all news media contact to come through our Media Relations office. Media Relations coordinators are available Monday through Friday during regular business hours. Journalists inquiring about patient conditions after hours or on weekends can call the hospital operator at 402.552.2000 and ask to speak to a nursing resource coordinator.

Our Media Relations team will provide an escort to journalists covering stories with Nebraska Medicine hospitals, clinics or other facilities. Journalists must arrange visits ahead of time with Media Relations so that our team has the ability to obtain official consent from any patients or staff who may be involved in a story.

Release of Patient Information Policy

All patients’ privacy is federally protected under HIPAA. Nebraska Medicine patients have the right to refuse any release of their information.

Condition Reports

Media inquiring about a patient's condition will be given information according to the wishes of the patient or their family/guardian.

The conditions reports are as follows:

  • Good : Vital signs stable and within normal limits, patient is conscious and comfortable, indicators are excellent
  • Fair: Vital signs stable and within normal limits, patient is conscious but may be uncomfortable, indicators are favorable
  • Serious: Vital signs unstable and not within normal limits, patient is acutely ill, indicators are questionable
  • Critical: Vital signs unstable and not within normal limits, patient may not be conscious, indicators are unfavorable
  • Discharged: Patient has been released from the hospital.
  • Deceased: Identifying information can only be released after next of kin has been notified, Nebraska Medicine does not release whether deceased patients are organ donors

Name Usage

When reporting on Nebraska Medicine it is important to list the correct name of the organization. For stories involving patient care, Clarkson Hospital, University Hospital, Nebraska Medicine - Bellevue, UNMC Physicians, NMC and UNMC are all incorrect references to Nebraska Medicine.

Proper references for Nebraska Medicine hospitals

  • Nebraska Medical Center
  • Bellevue Medical Center