Office of Healthcare Ethics

The Office of Healthcare Ethics (OHE) is a department within Nebraska Medicine that works improve the quality of health care through the identification, analysis, and resolution of ethical questions or concerns.


The OHE provides ethics expertise to physicians, nurses and all other staff, patients, and families through:

  1. The Ethics Consultation Service, which helps patients, families, physicians and staff to navigate difficult or complex situations and to make difficult decisions about patient care in a respectful atmosphere with attention to the interests, rights, and responsibilities of all those involved.
  2. The Healthcare Ethics Committee, which provides a forum and a resource for all Nebraska Medicine constituencies, and which serves as a mechanism for communicating and reflecting the organization’s core values and best practices.
  3. Educational opportunities, which can be offered to in-house staff (through Grand Rounds presentations or other formal or informal avenues) and to the community as requested.
  4. Organizational policy and guidelines review, which helps to a) promote clinical and organizational practices consistent with ethical norms and standards and b) inform institutional efforts at policy development, quality improvement, and the appropriate utilization of resources by identifying ethical concerns, responses, and alternatives.
  5. Peer support for staff, which includes managing the Peers in Need (PiNS) Support Program and coordinating regularly scheduled Schwartz Center Rounds.


To contact the Office of Healthcare Ethics, or to request an ethics consultation:


Call: 402.552.3647

Page: 888.ETHC (888.3842)


Or call the Provider Access Service at 802.847.2700, and ask to speak with the ethicist on call.


Office of Healthcare Ethics

Clarkson Doctors Building South, Suite 321

Nebraska Medicine, Omaha, NE 68198-7400