How to Pay Your Bill

Patient Friendly Billing

We've tried to make the billing process as straightforward as possible.

Current patients and those new to our system may wish to review the following information to understand how insurance works with our system and what to expect after being treated in our facilities. If after reviewing these pages you have additional questions, please contact us.

Before Arrival

Before receiving treatment at Nebraska Medicine there are a few steps patients may want to complete in order to make their experience more satisfying. This section of the website includes information about:

  • Registration
  • Pre-authorizations
  • Medicare secondary payer questionnaire

After Treatment

This section of Nebraska Medicine's website addresses correspondences that may be sent to a patient after they have received treatment at Nebraska Medicine. Details are provided to help patients understand basic information about:

  • Expected statements
  • Understanding insurance company’s explanation of benefits
  • Understanding patient liability statement
  • Scheduling an appointment with a patient financial counselor
  • Understanding laboratory statements
  • Instructions for patients with insurance coverage
  • Instructions for patients with no insurance coverage
  • Payment options
  • Financial assistance opportunities

Participating Insurance Plans

In order to serve patient needs, Nebraska Medicine participates in many insurance plans and networks. It is each patient’s responsibility to ensure their insurance will cover treatment at Nebraska Medicine.