Visitor guidelines: Who can visit and when

COVID-19 visitor restrictions

Because of the risk posed by coronavirus (COVID-19) to our patients, staff and our community, Nebraska Medicine has visitor restrictions in place.

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Visiting information

Patients have the right, subject to their consent, to receive the visitors whom he or she designates, including, but not limited to, a spouse, a domestic partner (including a same-sex domestic partner), and other family members, or friends. Patients also have the right to withdraw or deny such consent at any time.

Visits from family and friends are important to the health and recovery of our patients. Nebraska Medicine defines the term “family” as anyone who plays a significant role in a patient’s life. We understand this may include someone who is not legally related to the patient. Nebraska Medicine also considers issues such as adequate rest, privacy, security, infection control and confidentiality important to any hospitalization. Child visitation is welcomed when appropriate. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Children are not allowed to stay overnight. Our goal is to create a calm, quiet and healing environment. Each unit has designated quiet hours. Ask your nurse what those hours are. Headphones and earplugs are available upon request. If you have a concern about the noise level in your area, please contact a member of your care team.

Patient and visitor guidelines

  • Only two visitors at a time
  • Be respectful of other patients if you are sharing a room
  • Keep visits short. Be sensitive to patient discomfort  and the need for rest
  • Visitors may be asked to leave in order to honor the patient’s privacy, provide medical care or to ensure safety
  • Persons with infectious illnesses are asked not to visit. If you are not sure if you have a contagious condition, please speak with the nursing staff. Visitation may be restricted during outbreaks of infectious illnesses
  • For the health and safety of our patients, visitors may be asked to provide information on recent vaccines
  • Please respect our patients and visitors by refraining from entering restricted or private areas while playing smartphone games

After 8:30 p.m., visitors may enter through the main entrances of the Durham Outpatient Center, Clarkson Tower or the Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center. Upon security clearance, visitors will be issued a name tag at the security checkpoint. For Intensive Care Units, families are asked to designate one family member to communicate with the nurse by phone to allow the nurse more time with the patient. For Labor and Delivery Units, visitors may be limited and will be required to sign in upon entrance.


Visits are allowed outside regular visiting hours on the day of surgery. A special surgery waiting room is available on level two in Clarkson Tower at the Nebraska Medical Center and on level two of Nebraska Medicine - Bellevue.

Bellevue Medical Center

Guests are asked to use common courtesy and observe the posted quiet hours of 1-3 p.m. on all units.


  • Parents may visit any time, including overnight stays.
  • Grandparents, siblings and others may visit during regular visiting hours.
  • Younger siblings may visit by special arrangement.
  • Visitors under age 14 will be screened for illness.


  • Spouses may visit at any time.
  • Siblings may visit by special arrangement with the nurse.
  • Others may visit from 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. daily.
  • Visitors may be limited during the patient’s hospital stay and will be required to sign in upon entrance to the units.

Please note: access to the following areas are restricted as part of Nebraska Medicine's newborn Infant Security System:

  • The Baby Place, 4 West (level four, University Tower)
  • Newborn Intensive Care Unit (level four, Hixson-Lied Center)
  • Maternity Services (level two, Nebraska Medicine - Bellevue)

Intensive care and special care units

  • Critical Care waiting areas are provided outside each intensive care unit.
  • Clergy may visit any time at the discretion of the patient’s nurse.
  • Visiting hours are unit specific. Visitors should discuss visiting guidelines and appropriate visiting hours with the nursing staff.
  • After 8:30 p.m., visitors at the Nebraska Medical Center may enter through the main entrances of Clarkson Tower or the Durham Outpatient Center.
  • Upon security clearance, visitors will be issued a name tag at the security checkpoint.

Families are asked to designate one family member to communicate with the nurse by phone to allow the nurse more time with the patient.

See after hours information.