Conditions treated with telehealth

If you are experiencing:

  • A cough
  • Fever
  • Shortness of breath

Please follow these instructions to be screened for COVID-19.

If your condition is ongoing, such as chronic allergies, bouts of asthma or regular migraines, please use the pre-scheduled video visit option.

Not sure which visit type is right for you? Learn more about each type

If you don't see a condition listed below in the One Chart | Patient portal or the Nebraska Medicine app, just select "condition not listed" from the menu. 

Conditions treated with telehealth
Condition E-Visit* Video Visit On-Demand Video Visit
Abdominal pain   X X
Allergies (Seasonal)   X X
Asthma (Adults only)   X X
Back pain or strain X X X
Burns (Minor)   X X
Cold sores   X X
Cough   X X
COVID-19 screening X   X
Cuts (Minor)   X X
Ear ache   X X
Fever   X X
Headache   X X
Head lice   X X
Heartburn   X X
Influenza   X X
Joint pain   X X
Motion sickness   X X
Nausea or vomiting   X X
Nasal congestion   X X
Painful urination (UTI) X X X
Pink eye X X X
Sinus infection   X X
Skin conditions (Acne, Eczema, Rash) X X X
Sneezing   X X
Sore throat   X X
Sunburn   X X
Swimmer's ear   X X
Tick bite   X X
Tobacco cessation   X  
Yeast infection X X X

*Only available to current patients. 

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