Preparing for a teledermatology visit

If you would like to move forward with scheduling a teledermatology visit, this is how you can prepare.

  1. Test out your webcam on a smart phone, tablet or computer.
  2. Test the volume and microphone on your device (i.e. smart phone or tablet), make sure it’s not muted and that you can hear clearly. If not, you may want to attach a external microphone or earphones.
  3. Plug in your device and make sure it is fully charged.
  4. Use a wired internet connection if possible as you are less likely to lose the connection compared to a Wi-Fi connection.
  5. Close unnecessary programs running on your device. Having too many programs running can strain the device and reduce the quality of video chats.
  6. Open a compatible browser. Most video visits operate best on Chrome or Firefox browsers.
  7. Find a quiet space where you are unlikely to be interrupted. Eliminating distractions helps you and your dermatologist understand each other better.
  8. Adjust the lighting. Make sure the space is bright and well lit, natural lighting is best.
  9. Lastly, prepare a list of questions or concerns ahead of time and place it in the spot where you will take the call or video visit.

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