Learning that you may need surgery can be a scary and emotional time. You will likely have lots of questions. Who will perform your surgery and where? Will it be convenient? Will everything go smoothly? How long will you need to be in the hospital? When you choose Nebraska Medicine for your surgery, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have chosen the right place. Not only are our surgeons some of the best in the area, but because of our experience and depth of expertise, we perform some of the most difficult and complex surgeries. We also offer surgery at multiple locations so you can schedule your surgery close to home.

Why you should consider Nebraska Medicine for your surgery:

Experienced surgeons

Nebraska Medicine has many world-renowned surgeons. They will ensure your surgery is performed safely, with the best results and the quickest recovery. Because many of our surgeons subspecialize in at least one specialty area, they are seasoned experts and will make sure your surgery is performed using the latest advancements and medical knowledge. 

Our surgeons are among the world's leaders in minimally invasive surgery

Doctors at Nebraska Medicine have pioneered new and innovative minimally invasive surgical procedures that are making surgery less demanding and more comfortable for the person undergoing the surgery. Minimally invasive surgery involves using small incisions that can be closed with a few stitches. Using specialized techniques such as miniature cameras with microscopes, tiny fiber optic lights and high definition monitors, surgeons can correct many problems without requiring you to undergo major surgery or large incisions. Our surgeons have performed thousands of minimally invasive procedures with a success rate often three times better than the national average.

We offer surgery at multiple locations

At Nebraska Medicine, your surgery can be performed on our main campus, our Bellevue hospital or at one of our newest facilities - the Lauritzen Outpatient Center, or our Village Pointe Outpatient Surgery Center. Our newest facilities offer state-of-the art operating rooms, convenience, a streamlined approach and a commitment to making sure your patient experience is the best it can be.

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