Ethics Consultation Services

Ethics Consultation Service

Clinical ethicists at Nebraska Medicine help patients, families, physicians and staff to navigate difficult or complex situations and to make difficult decisions about patient care.

Everyone, whether patient or physician, family member or nurse, has the right to request an ethics consultation. Nebraska Medicine’s clinical ethicists do not tell people what to do in these situations; rather they help to provide a neutral space to explore the ethical aspects of health care decisions, and help to ensure that patients’ rights are respected.

An ethicist is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For a clinical ethics consultation, call 402.552.3647, or page 402.888.ETHC (3842). You may also call the Nebraska Medicine operator at 800.922.0000, ask to speak with the ethicist.

Ethics Consultants are Available to Assist with the Following:

  • Complex or complicated medical decision-making, including medical futility
  • Identification or selection of an appropriate surrogate for a patient, including socially isolated or unrepresented patients
  • Limitation, withholding, or withdrawing of treatments, including those at or near the end of life
  • Assessment of capacity to consent or refuse treatments
  • Assistance with differing cultural or religious beliefs
  • Questions or concerns about the appropriateness of some treatments or therapies
  • Completion, interpretation or application of advance directives
  • Appropriate limits to parental authority for medical decision-making
  • Use of scarce or expensive resources
  • Issues of confidentiality
  • Consent for research

The Clinical Ethics Consultation service takes a compassionate, multidisciplinary approach, and seeks the input of all who care for the patient. Please consider an ethics consultation when important questions arise concerning extraordinary care.

Primary ethics consultant:

Jacob Dahlke, MSB

Associate consultation team:

Rebecca Anderson, JD, MS, CGC
Matthew Goede, MD, FACS
David Sweeney, MDiv, MRE

Clarkson Doctors Building South, Suite 321
Nebraska Medicine, Omaha, NE 68198-7400
Office 402.552.3647
Pager 888-ETHC (552-3842)

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