Pharmaceutical and Nutrition Care


To make Nebraska Medicine the safest and best place for patients to receive medication and nutrition therapy and create pharmaceutical and nutrition practices that become the standard for health care institutions, everywhere.


Practitioners will be an integral part of the health care team, actively involved in direct patient care leading to healthier patients who spend less time in the hospital. Physicians will view us as trusted colleagues in patient care, advisors of the first resort in the selection of the safest, most appropriate and cost effective medication and nutrition regimens for patients, proactively leveraging our clinical knowledge, decision support, resource expertise and commitment to the care and safety of our patients. The department will take the lead in decreasing errors and adverse events related to medication and nutrition therapy use by identifying and promoting best practices and adopting technology with a proven track record for reducing adverse events and improving outcomes. The department will leverage its practice model focused around proactive involvement in all patient care environments to attain a leadership position in patient care safety and quality outcomes. Nebraska Medicine will become sought after as THE PLACE TO PRACTICE.


The Department of Pharmaceutical and Nutrition Care is dedicated to excellence and innovation in compassionate, quality pharmaceutical and nutrition care through multidisciplinary service, education and research. The department fulfills its mission to provide pharmaceutical care and supports the role and mission of Nebraska Medicine by:

  • Ensuring patient safety and desired outcomes with the use of medications and enteral/parenteral nutrition products.
  • Facilitating exchange of drug and nutrition-related information between healthcare disciplines and patients.
  • Serving as advocates for the patient in avoiding nutrition and drug-related problems.
  • Pursuing innovative approaches to improve outcomes of pharmaceutical and nutritional therapy.
  • Supporting each other and contributing to the success of the department.
  • Striving to continuously improve our services.
  • Responding to customer needs in a sensitive and caring manner.
  • Creating an environment which encourages learning and innovation by students, residents, faculty and staff.
  • Facilitating the transitions between levels of care.
  • Conserving available resources.
  • Assuring compliance with all applicable state and federal regulations.