Why should I complete my residency at Nebraska Medicine?

What would you say to someone if they asked why they should complete their PGY1 residency at Nebraska Medicine?

Bailey Buenger

Bailey Buenger

Current Position: Pharmacist Specialist, Adult Critical Care, Nebraska Medicine

PGY2 Critical Care: Nebraska Medicine, 2021-2022

PGY1: Nebraska Medicine, 2020-2021

Doctor of Pharmacy: South Dakota State University

“Nebraska Medicine is an outstanding place to be a pharmacy resident! The PGY1 residency program provides a challenging and supportive environment where residents have abundant opportunities to learn and grow. The diverse rotational experiences allow residents to gain a valuable, comprehensive training that prepares them to provide extraordinary care to complex patients. The pharmacy preceptors and residency program director immediately welcome residents into the pharmacy family and genuinely want to see each resident achieve their goals and have a successful year (and beyond!).”

Madeline Blaha is brightly smiling

Madeline Blaha

Current Position: Critical Care Pharmacist, MercyOne Siouxland Medical Center Sioux City, IA

PGY2 Critical Care: Nebraska Medicine, 2021-2022

PGY1: Nebraska Medicine, 2020-2021

Doctor of Pharmacy: University of Nebraska Medical Center

“The people and the culture at Nebraska Medicine are what make this PGY1 program outstanding. Resident education and growth are a top priority each day. The preceptors do an amazing job at facilitating opportunities and creating an environment where that is possible. Pharmacists here are valued members of the healthcare team and are established as trusted colleagues in their specialties – making it easy for residents to play an active role in patient care from early on! The entire pharmacy department truly cares about the success and wellbeing of each resident and will adapt to ensure your individual goals are met!” 

Woman in light blouse

Molly Miller

Current Position: Clinical Pharmacist, Antimicrobial Stewardship, Nebraska Medicine

PGY2 Infectious Diseases: Nebraska Medicine, 2020-2021 

PGY1: Nebraska Medicine, 2019-2020

Doctor of Pharmacy: University of Nebraska Medical Center

“Simply put, there is no place like Nebraska. The learning environment here is unmatched. Nebraska Medicine is an academic medical center where you get to experience and participate in interdisciplinary care and to work with some of the nation's leading medical experts who care not only about providing extraordinary patient care, but also about teaching and developing the next generation of clinicians. Our pharmacist preceptors are completely engaged in teaching and supporting you as you grow in your knowledge and develop your clinical skills throughout the year. Pat is an amazingly caring and supportive program director who will do anything and everything he can to help you be successful and achieve your goals. The people here are incredibly kind, and I could not imagine completing my PGY1 anywhere else. I know I've built relationships over the past year that will last a lifetime; you can find your pharmacy family here.”

Woman with floral blouse

Jessica Prucha

Current Position: Clinical Pharmacist, Critical Care, Nebraska Medicine

PGY2 Critical Care: Nebraska Medicine, 2020-2021

PGY1: Nebraska Medicine, 2019-2020

Doctor of Pharmacy: University of Nebraska Medical Center

"The experiences offered through Nebraska Medicine’s pharmacy residency program allow residents to be involved in complex clinical situations, work with nationally respected providers, and gain confidence across multiple specialty areas. Most importantly, residents are continuously supported, challenged, and motivated each day by preceptors and a program director that are enthusiastic about providing residents with a well-rounded learning experience. I am confident that after completing the PGY1 pharmacy program at Nebraska Medicine you will be well-positioned to pursue any career goals!" 


Sarah Bailey

Current Position: Clinical Pharmacist, Internal Medicine, Nebraska Medicine

PGY1: Nebraska Medicine, 2017-2018

Doctor of Pharmacy: University of Nebraska Medical Center

“I would say residents have so much support at Nebraska Medicine, from Pat, from staff, from preceptors. Even in the dark, scary days of residency there is always someone to turn to who can provide advice or just be an ear if you need to vent. It is also an excellent academic medical center that will provide you with such a wonderful variety of experiences and make you a better pharmacist. Working closely with interdisciplinary teams is so important to patient care and we get to do those things every day. Nebraska Medicine also affords the opportunity to teach students (pharmacy, medical, nursing, and more) which enhances your learning as well.”


Kennedy Bateman

Current Position: Clinical Pharmacist, Internal Medicine, Intermountain Healthcare, Salt Lake City, UT

PGY1 Graduation Year: 2019

Doctor of Pharmacy: University of Utah

“Nebraska Medicine’s pharmacy residency program provides an experience that can be obtained at no other institution.  The training a resident receives through this program help molds them into a competent and confident clinical pharmacist.  The people here are outstanding and all do their very best to help residents gain knowledge and experience in all areas of practice.  Residents are extremely valued and heavily relied on to keep pharmacy processes effective, and the amount of support residents receive is unprecedented.  Above all else, Dr. Patrick Fuller is the most devoted program director a pharmacy resident can have.  He is undoubtedly dedicated to helping each of his residents succeed and is their biggest advocate.  Choosing to do your PGY1 pharmacy resident at Nebraska Medicine may seem intimidating, but I can promise it is a decision you will never regret.”


Brooke Deason

Current Position: Clinical Pharmacist, Gastrointestinal Oncology, Stephenson Cancer Center, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

PGY2 Oncology: Nebraska Medicine, 2019-2020

PGY1: Nebraska Medicine, 2018-2019

Doctor of Pharmacy: University of Oklahoma

“This program will prepare you for whatever you want to accomplish after residency. There are endless opportunities and resources, along with learning experiences in just about every pharmacy specialty. Residents at Nebraska Medicine have the opportunity to learn not only from specialized pharmacists, but also respected practitioners, who are both genuinely interested in your growth and development. You will also have the best RPD! Pat is so passionate and dedicated to each resident, and will do anything to help you succeed. I could not imagine going through this challenging year without his support and encouragement!”


Carlen Johnson

Current Position: Emergency Medicine, Clinical Pharmacist, AdventHealth, Orlando, Florida

PGY2 Emergency Medicine: Nebraska Medicine, 2019-2020

PGY1: Nebraska Medicine, 2018-2019

Doctor of Pharmacy: University of Mississippi

"This is an amazing place to complete your PGY1 residency! You will have the opportunity to learn from well-respected practitioners and develop a solid knowledge base in a wide variety of clinical areas. Pat is our biggest advocate and always makes sure we have the resources we need to be successful. Regardless of what your career goals are after PGY1, you will be prepared to succeed!"


Kelsey Klein

Current Position: Clinical Pharmacist, Solid Organ Transplant, University Hospital, San Antonio, Texas

PGY2 Solid Organ Transplant: University Hospital, San Antonio, Texas, 2018-2019

PGY1: Nebraska Medicine, 2017-2018

Doctor of Pharmacy: Drake University

“This is an academic medical center with an endless amount of opportunities, and an amazing group of people to work with. Because of these two aspects, this is the residency that will help you improve to the best of your ability. Pat is always there to talk with us about anything we need. He is our main advocate, and part of the reason I’ve been so grateful to have been here this year.”


Sara Manning

Current Position: Clinical Pharmacist, UnityPoint Health, Des Moines, Iowa

PGY1: Nebraska Medicine, 2017-2018

Doctor of Pharmacy: Drake University

“Because it's the best program ever! While I do truly believe this, I will give some more specifics. The family atmosphere of all in the department really helped to provide a home away from home, especially for those moving to Omaha. Additionally, I think the program does an excellent job of providing an extremely comprehensive experience. From pediatrics, to transplant, to cardiology, I cannot think of a single area that I did not obtain experience in. Last, I think training received really prepares the residents for whatever they may encounter in their future careers. As mentioned, the comprehensive coverage provides an experience that makes me feel I could take on anything that came my way. Pat is the most dedicated and passionate residency program director I have ever met. He would do anything for us residents and having that kind of support is second to none when it comes to the stresses of residency.”


Nate Martin

Current Position: Clinical Pharmacist, Critical Care and Emergency Medicine, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota

PGY2 Critical Care: Nebraska Medicine, 2018-2019

PGY1: Nebraska Medicine, 2017-2018

Doctor of Pharmacy: Drake University

“The balance of genuine care residents are shown from staff and cutting edge medicine makes Nebraska Medicine unlike other places. You are truly part of their pharmacy family. You get all of the benefits of practicing at a leading institution, including the opportunity to learn from nationally respected practitioners (who also happen to be some of the nicest people), along with legitimate work-life balance, an outstanding residency program director, and a great residency class size. Dr. Fuller was the best advocate I could have imagined going into residency year, and he helped us navigate the year with ease. Regardless of what your goals are after a PGY1 year, Nebraska Medicine likely has ample opportunities to set you up for success.”


Taylor Monson

Current Position: Clinical Oncology Pharmacist, University of Kansas, Kansas City, Kansas

PGY2 Oncology: Nebraska Medicine, 2018-2019

PGY1: Nebraska Medicine, 2017-2018

Doctor of Pharmacy: Drake University

“Nebraska Medicine is truly an exceptional place to complete a residency. With outstanding preceptors and a world-class institution that values the well-being of residents, you will be supported every step of the way. No matter your area of interest or plans after residency, you can be confident Nebraska Medicine will help you get where you want to be. In addition, I cannot emphasize enough the value of learning and training under Dr. Pat Fuller. He is an advocate for his residents and will always put you first. His guidance and mentorship profoundly impacted my time at Nebraska Medicine and has influenced my practice as an oncology pharmacist. From the clinical knowledge I learned to the lifelong friendships I developed, I would not be the pharmacist I am today without my ‘family’ at Nebraska Medicine.”


Abby Servais

Current Position: Focused Population Abdominal Transplant Pharmacist, Nebraska Medicine

PGY2 Solid Organ Transplant: Nebraska Medicine, 2018-2019

PGY1: Nebraska Medicine, 2017-2018

Doctor of Pharmacy: University of Nebraska Medical Center

“I think one should complete their PGY1 residency at Nebraska Medicine because it is a large academic medical center with a wide variety of clinical rotation options, so they will leave here with a very solid knowledge base. Pat was an excellent RPD! He is always positive! He made sure we were progressing through the year and had all the resources we needed to have a successful year. He is definitely a leader by example. The residency program is lucky to have Pat! The preceptors and the family feel of this residency program make it stand out among the rest. Residents are highly supported and will be challenged, but everyone here wants to help you improve and succeed!”


Shelby Swanson

Current Position: Clinical Pharmacist, Critical Care, Nebraska Medicine

PGY2 Critical Care: Nebraska Medicine, 2019-2020

PGY1: Nebraska Medicine, 2018-2019

Doctor of Pharmacy: Washington State University

“Nebraska Medicine provides a rigorous and comprehensive learning experience that truly prepares you to provide excellent care to your patients. You work closely with the inter-disciplinary team and have the opportunity to learn from outstanding practitioners across all services. In addition to this, there is a strong emphasis on resident well-being. Pat is a tireless advocate for his residents and is an endless source of positivity and encouragement. He is one of the biggest reasons I am so grateful to have completed residency training at Nebraska Medicine.”


Grashma Vadakkel

Current Position: Clinical Pharmacist, Oncology, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, New York

PGY2 Oncology: Memorial Sloan Kettering, New York, New York, 2019-2020

PGY1: Nebraska Medicine, 2018-2019

Doctor of Pharmacy: University of South Florida

"If you are looking for a residency program that will help you develop a strong clinical foundation, Nebraska Medicine is the place to be! Whether your future career goal is to complete a PGY1 and enter the work force or pursue a PGY2, Nebraska Medicine offers a plethora of opportunities to help you get there. The diverse rotational experiences ranging from pediatrics to oncology, and even solid organ transplant, will help you to leave the program feeling confident about pursuing any opportunity that may come your way. You will be provided the chance to work alongside and learn from leading experts in the nation. The on-call program will prepare you to assist in medical emergencies and develop your confidence. With Nebraska Medicine being a level one trauma center, you will be exposed to unique cases and scenarios. Most of all, the PGY1 program at Nebraska Medicine is led by the most dedicated and caring residency program director I have ever met. Pat has been instrumental in my growth this year, and has helped me to develop both personally and professionally. Since Match Day, he has ensured that all of us have felt supported, and has consistently remained an advocate for the residents. Although it is a large institution, Nebraska Medicine embodies a family environment, which has really made me feel at home while being so far away from home. I am grateful and proud to have had the opportunity to complete my PGY1 at Nebraska Medicine."

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