Leadership development and Fall Retreat

Challenge Course

Our Fall Retreat is held at Arbor Day Farm Lied Lodge.

Leadership Development Series (July – June)

Throughout the year, residents will lead the discussion of selected articles and/or videos focusing on leadership philosophies and principles from politics, military, history, coaching, to pharmacy and medicine. Residents are required to offer their insight and perspective about each article and are encouraged to deepen their self-reflection skills throughout the year.

Residents are expected to contemplate and explain how they plan to incorporate leadership philosophies, practices and principles as a pharmacist in various future settings (e.g., as part of a multidisciplinary team taking care of patients at the bedside, as a future coordinator, residency program director, manager, director, or chief pharmacy officer). This strategy is used to assist residents in taking the first step in continuous leadership development.

Book Review

Residents will read one book (selected by the RPD) and discuss key takeaways from the book and describe how lessons learned will be utilized to develop leadership skills.

Letter to a Young Resident

At the end of the year (June) each resident will write and present their own insight and wisdom in the form of a “Letter to a Young Resident” that they will hand off to the incoming residency class (the next generation of leaders).

The Fall Retreat

  • For over 20 years, the annual residency fall retreat continues to be one of the many highlights of the residency year
  • The two-day retreat occurs each October at the Lied Lodge in Nebraska City, NE and is nestled on picturesque grounds once owned by J. Sterling Morton, founder of Arbor Day
  • The retreat focuses on the development of effective teambuilding skills by uniting residents, building trust and highlighting strengths
  • Experts from various fields are invited to speak on the following topics: pharmacy leadership, StrengthsFinder® assessment, feedback, ethical issues in pharmacy, crucial conversations, culture conversations, communication styles, and resident personal finance
  • This is a perfect venue for residents to learn more about each other and obtain information on topics not generally covered in a traditional residency curriculum

Ropes Challenge Course

  • Residents attending the retreat participate in a half-day ropes-based challenge course that builds trust as they complete the mentally and physically demanding course
  • Through the challenge course, residents learn how to utilize their strengths (physical and mental), facilitate communication skills, develop an increased self-awareness and work together to evolve into a cohesive group

Fall Retreat Photos

Resident group photo
Resident group photo 2022

The swing
The swing

PGY1 residents
PGY1 residents

The wheel!
The wheel!

Resident Bonding Experience
This is us (pre-COVID)!


Ready for the Challenge Course
Challenge conquered!


Swinging Log


Spinning Wheel


The Ladder Walk
Horizontal Ladder


The Spider Web
Be careful not to touch the spider web!


Getting ready for the next challenge
Getting ready for the next challenge!


The Wall Climb
Climbing to new heights!

Man and woman sitting on a large swing
This is how we "swing" through the year!

Getting ready for the zipline
Ziplining is so much fun!


Look, I really am flying!


I'll take one for the team any day!


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