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See a List of Olson Center Obstetrics and Gynecology Doctors

Obstetricians are highly trained physician specialists ready to handle any of the risks that come with pregnancy, labor, delivery and beyond. Obstetricians, neonatologists, and anesthesiologists are in the hospital at Nebraska Medicine 24/7, so you can breathe easy knowing you and your baby are in good hands. Skilled providers are available and prepared to deal with most any unexpected complication that may arise, day or night.

High risk obstetrical physician specialists provide expertise in complex pregnancies. They focus on the diagnosis and management of high risk pregnancies, allowing us to care for mothers and babies with significant medical concerns.

Outstanding Resources

Neonatologists, neonatal nurses, pharmacists, respiratory therapists, and other healthcare providers with specialized training are present to attend to any infant needs at the time of delivery. Our level 3 Newborn Intensive Care Unit is a high-tech system and lock-controlled units adds another layer of comfort and specialized care. Lactation consultants are available for all mothers.

Comfortable Environment

Modern and beautiful labor suites offer space and privacy for families, and most rooms feature a jacuzzi tub. Bonding with your baby is important and the medical center offers rooming in with baby. We provide free Wi-Fi Internet access and open visitation for family members.

Post-Delivery Care

Before taking the baby home, a postpartum nurse will ensure you and your family have received the information you need on caring for your baby and yourself. We also recognize your need for support when you get home. Postpartum depression counseling as well as breastfeeding support is available by setting up an appointment at 402.559.4500.

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