Concerns about your baby’s health before or during pregnancy are normal. Nebraska Medicine genetic counselors are here to provide valuable information about your baby’s health and help you make informed decisions about prenatal testing. Your provider may recommend genetic counseling before conception and during pregnancy based on your family history, advanced maternal age, an abnormal screening result, pregnancy loss or new prenatal diagnosis.

Our genetic counselors can review your genetic testing options before or during pregnancy, discuss birth differences or inherited conditions and answer any questions about prenatal screening or ultrasound results.

Who should consider genetic counseling

You may want to pursue genetic counseling before or during pregnancy if you:

  • Want to review your and your partner's family history and screening options before pregnancy.
  • Have a family history of intellectual disability, birth defects, genetic conditions or chromosome abnormalities.
  • Have prenatal screening results or an ultrasound that suggests an increased risk for birth defects or certain complications.
  • Are considering chronic villus sampling or amniocentesis to test for genetic conditions.
  • Are pregnant or plan to become pregnant at 35 or older.
  • Have had multiple miscarriages or have a history of stillbirth or infant loss.
  • Are of an ethnicity that may increase risk for certain genetic disorders like sickle cell or Tay-Sachs disease. 
  • Have been exposed to environmental factors, such as radiation, chemicals, drugs or infections that may pose a risk.
  • Are cousins or close blood relatives with your partner.

Why choose Nebraska Medicine

We understand that every pregnancy and family is unique. Our team of board-certified genetic counselors is dedicated to helping patients navigate concerns or questions they might have before and during pregnancy. Our genetic counselors work closely with your existing providers and maternal-fetal medicine specialists to ensure you feel supported, confident and informed throughout your pregnancy journey.

Have questions? We're here to help.

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