Sponsorship and Grant Request Process

Sponsorship and Grant Request Process

Nebraska Medicine is proud to support the mission of other non-profit organizations whose efforts are focused on serving underserved or vulnerable populations, addressing the leading causes of death in Nebraska, or supporting the needs of our patients or this community.

Corporate Sponsorship Requests

If your non-profit organization would like to request sponsorship funding from Nebraska Medicine, please submit a written request on organizational letterhead to:

Nebraska Medicine
Attn: Community Relations

987511 Nebraska Medical Center  Omaha , NE , 68198-7511

Funding priority will be given to organizations aligned with current community health improvement initiatives, organizations directly supporting our patient population, or causes dedicated to serving the under-served or other vulnerable populations. Each request is reviewed individually and within the context of available funds. Please submit your proposal at least 60 days in advance of your event or activity to allow for review of your request.

Corporate Sponsorship Guidelines:

  • All requests must be from an IRS designated 501 (c)3 not-for-profit organization.
  • Funding is not provided for purposes of debt retirement, scholarships, loans, fellowship assistance, or for individual fundraising efforts.
  • Nebraska Medicine does not provide sponsorship funding to directly support religious or faith-based programming.
  • Fraternal organizations, beauty pageants, social clubs, and sports teams/clubs are not eligible to apply for sponsorship.
  • Organizations with divisive or litigious public agendas, specific political or political party affiliation, or that discriminate on the basis of age, disability, religion, ethnic origin, gender or sexual orientation are not eligible for sponsorship from Nebraska Medicine.

Community Grant Requests

Qualifying non-profit or community-based organizations are eligible to apply for grants from Nebraska Medicine. Community grants will be awarded in amounts up to $2,000 for support of efforts to host a community health improvement activity or event. Priority will be given to organizations aligned with Nebraska Medicine’s current community health improvement initiatives.

When completing the application, please be prepared to provide an itemized budget, details on the target audience, prospective attendance numbers, and the anticipated impact and outcomes of your activity. Once you begin the grant application process, you must complete and submit the form. The system does not save incomplete applications- if you exit the process you will need to start your application over. Click on the link below to complete your application.

Community Grant Guidelines

  • Eligible applicants are those defined as tax-exempt, not-for-profit entities by the IRS.
  • Grant funds must be used for an event or program that targets an underserved or vulnerable population or seeks to reduce health disparities among low-income or minority populations.
  • Churches and community centers are welcome to apply, though the funding cannot be used to directly support religious programming.
  • Please submit your application for grant funding at least 60 days in advance of your event or activity to allow for review of your proposal.
  • Internal Nebraska Medicine or UNMC departments are not eligible to apply.


Apply for a Community Grant


For questions or assistance with the grant application, please contact Nebraska Medicine’s department of Corporate and Community Relations at 402-552-2249.