Community Health Improvement

Improving the community's health

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010 imposed new requirements on hospitals to identify and prioritize the significant health needs within the communities they serve. The ACA rules became part of the IRS regulations governing non-profit hospitals. Every three years, all hospitals designated as charitable 501c3 entities must conduct a community health needs assessment. After the significant health needs are identified, hospitals must then create and implement a board-approved community health improvement plan for each hospital it operates and provide annual progress updates to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Visit this page for more information on the requirements.

Nebraska Medicine completed the community health needs assessment requirement in collaboration with all of the local health systems and county health departments. The first assessment was conducted in late 2011 and informed the 2013-2016 planning process for The Nebraska Medical Center and Nebraska Medicine-Bellevue.

In 2014, The Nebraska Medical Center and Bellevue Medical Center combined with the UNMC Physicians group to become Nebraska Medicine, a comprehensive health system including two hospitals and a network of primary and specialty care clinics. The most recent community health needs assessment was conducted in 2022, which is being used to guide Nebraska Medicine's 2022-2025 community health improvement plan.





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