Sensitive Exams

Gynecologic screening and evaluation for trans men

We know that many trans men are uncomfortable about having pelvic exams. We are committed to assisting you in getting the health care you deserve without pain or distress. We do not require screening pelvic exam just to start testosterone but we do encourage all patients to have screening evaluations appropriate to the organs they have if and when they desire. We are prepared to take steps to help make the exam as acceptable to you as possible.

We are also experienced in managing abnormal bleeding, pelvic pain, discharge, and contraception. If you need help with these and other gynecologic issues, we can evaluate and treat or refer you to a trans-friendly provider.

Post-operative care after genital reconstruction

We are able to perform routine exams and evaluation of problems for men and women who have undergone genital reconstruction. We can communicate with your surgeon about any problems you may experience and can help coordinate care needed locally or with your primary surgeon. We can also make referrals to specialists from urology, urogynecology, and plastic surgery who are knowledgeable about these procedures and their complications.