For referring providers

Thank you for referring your patient to the Gender Care Clinic. We proudly follow the current WPATH guidelines for caring for our patients.

The services we currently provide are:

  • Gender affirming hormones
  • Gender assessments for hormones and surgery
  • Psychiatry services
  • Gender affirming surgery for chest, breast augmentation, vaginoplasty, facial feminization, and vocal surgeries
  • Puberty blockers

Please fax the referral information to 402.559.9833. It is helpful to include the patient’s affirmed name and pronouns within the referral and an email address.

Adults 19+: Patient’s will be emailed a new patient questionnaire to fill out prior to scheduling. Once received, they will be scheduled.

Minors: When referring a patient under the age of 19, we will require a letter of support from a mental health provider and the new patient questionnaire prior to scheduling. Once received, the patient will be scheduled for a gender assessment visit with our team's psychologist. Then the patient will be scheduled for the affirming care appointment.

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