Planning for Your Visit

If you are seeing a mental health provider (therapist or psychiatrist), please consider asking this person to forward a letter about your gender history and their assessment of your readiness to start hormone treatment if that is your goal. This can give useful background and save time at your visit. For those patients under 19, it will be necessary to establish a relationship with a mental health provider before starting gender-related treatments. Referrals to mental health providers can be provided at your visit.

Referral letters and other information may be sent to:


Nebraska Medicine - Specialty Care Clinic

Attn: Dr. Jean Amoura

804 S. 52nd Street

Omaha, NE 68106


Information can also be sent by fax to: 402.553.5963


What happens during your first visit?

Your first visit usually takes an hour.  You will also have blood tests drawn.  You do not need to be fasting for these tests.  You will meet your provider and other members of the team.  You will not have a physical exam at this visit.  You will be given information about the risks and benefits of hormones for your transition.

During your visit, we will review your gender history and your medical history.  We will review the medications that may be appropriate for your treatment.  You are welcome to bring in family or others to support you.  Please be aware that we will need to ask information about sensitive parts of your medical history including sexual experiences and preferences.  If you are under 19, you will be interviewed about these areas in private.  If you are 19 or over and have friends or family with you, please advise us if you want to be interviewed about these topics in private.

At your second visit, we will review your lab results and do a physical exam.  This exam will not include breast/chest exam or pelvic/genital exam unless you want these areas to be examined or screened.  Once your questions are fully answered and you desire to start treatment, your prescription for hormones will be given at this second visit.


Planning Ahead

You may want to consider freezing eggs or sperm. If you have completed puberty, you may freeze eggs or sperm as your best chance to ensure the ability to have genetically related children in the future. We will discuss the impact of cross-sex hormones on your fertility at your first visit, and we will encourage you to consider freezing sperm or eggs before starting hormones. This will of course be your decision, but if you know that you want to freeze sperm or eggs, you are welcome to do so before your first visit. For further information contact Heartland Center for Reproductive Medicine.


Accreditations and Awards

Nebraska Medicine is proud to be awarded the 2016 Healthcare Equality Index LGBTQ Leader in Healthcare Equality designation and 2017 Top Performer status by being nationally recognized by the Human Rights Campaign, America’s largest civil rights organization working to achieve equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Americans.