Health, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Council

The Health Equity Diversity and Inclusion Council identifies strategic health equity goals and builds out enterprise-wide health equity metrics.

The HEDI Committees operationalize the work of the HEDI Council. HEDI Committees are led by two co-chairs and have an executive liaison who sits on the HEDI Council.  The HEDI Committees are listed below.

  • Equity of Care: Equity of Care oversees the intersection of quality, safety, and the patient/family experience in the context of equity-based care. Key functions include stratifying patient data related to current quality and safety measures; analyzing patient experience; and, recommending strategies for strengthening outcomes for ambulatory, acute and perioperative care.
  • Climate and Culture: Climate and Culture examines the intersections of workplace culture, community engagement and health equity. The climate and culture committee supports the infusion of inclusive and differentiated strategies into our care model while ensuring that the voices of our workforce and community partners are heard along the way.

The HEDI Council is responsible for:

  • Enterprise-wide efforts
    • Defining Nebraska Medicine’s strategic health equity metrics
    • Setting distinct goals for supplier diversity
    • Identifying distinct learning that optimizes cultural humility, caring and compassion
  • Workforce efforts
    • Identifying gaps in policies and procedures
    • Examining organizational culture and making recommendations for improving climate
    • Enhancing clinician training opportunities at UNMC and Clarkson College
  • Community Efforts
    • Building key community partnerships
    • Developing inclusive, and differentiated, strategies for supporting all patients

Questions about the HEDI Council? Send us an email.