One Chart | Link For Providers

One Chart | LINK is a secure Web portal that connects you to information stored in our Epic EMR for your referred and admitted patients. As your patients receive care from Nebraska Medicine, we will send you notifications and updates. You will have the information you need to plan patients’ ongoing care and they will feel better, knowing that you are up to speed on all the care they receive.

In order to use One Chart Link, you must use one of the following:

  • Microsoft® Windows®
    • Microsoft Edge version 88 or later
    • Google Chrome version 88 or later 
    • Mozilla Firefox version 78 or later
    • Internet Explorer version 11 (May 2022 and earlier only)
  • Mac OS® 
    • Firefox version 78 or later
    • Chrome version 88 or later
    • Safari version 14 or later

EpicCare Link and Tapestry Link can also be accessed by iPads running iOS 14 or later using the Safari browser and Android tablets using the Chrome browser. The native Android browser and other third-party browsers are not supported. The Chrome browser on iOS is also not supported.

To function properly with your web application, a browser must be able to accept cookies, and it must be enabled to run JavaScript. These are enabled by default when you install the supported browsers, so they're supported unless you have explicitly disabled them.

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You can establish your account by completing the application and emailing it to Once the application is received and processed, you will be emailed a User ID and temporary password.