Patient Transfers - Bellevue

The Patient Placement Unit will facilitate all patient transfer requests to Nebraska Medicine - Bellevue.

Please Contact Us When You Need to:

  • Transfer a patient from your emergency department to Nebraska Medicine - Bellevue for an inpatient stay
  • Transfer a patient from your hospital inpatient bed to Nebraska Medicine - Bellevue inpatient bed

The Patient Placement Unit Staff Will:

  • Triage your call to the appropriate physician by asking you the following questions:
    • Would you like to transfer to a specific physician or service?
    • Would you prefer an academic or private physician group?
  • Complete the details necessary for admission
  • Coordinate and expedite nursing unit and bed arrangements for the patient
  • Partner with you to gather necessary paperwork to complete the transfer process
  • Contact you when a bed has been assigned
  • Partner with the transport service to provide support & guidance en route to Nebraska Medicine

Our Goals Are:

  • To provide comprehensive service for physicians wishing to transfer a patient to Nebraska Medicine - Bellevue
  • To use a multidisciplinary approach to quickly evaluate transfers
  • To expedite appropriate patient transfers

To Request the Transfer of a Patient to Nebraska Medicine - Bellevue

  • Call 800.258.0029

For a Physician to Physician Consultation

Please call the Medical Call Center when you would like to consult with one of our physicians. Call 877-647-7497.

The Medical Call Center:

  • Provides 24-hour physician consultation service
  • Will ask a series of brief questions to expedite transfer to the appropriate physician / practice group