Nutrition services for cancer survivors

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Nutrition is an important part of survivorship care. Anyone who has been treated for cancer at Nebraska Medicine can have an outpatient visit with a registered dietitian nutritionist. 

To schedule a consultation, talk to your doctor or nurse case manager and ask for a referral. Once we have received the referral, one of our schedulers will call you to set up a visit in person or by phone. 

Nebraska Medicine’s registered dietitian nutritionists have professional training in medical nutrition therapy. The team of registered dietitian nutritionists at the Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center specializes in nutrition for cancer care and survivorship recommendations.

Classes and events

What you eat plays a role in your health. Nebraska Medicine outpatient cancer dieticians break down guidelines from the American Institute of Cancer Research.

Watch the July 7 Nutrition Survivorship information session recording

Watch the "Fighting Inflammation with Fiber" October cooking class recording

Watch the "Fighting Inflammation with Fiber" January cooking class recording

Watch the 2022 Cancer Survivorship Conference Nutrition Food Demo recording 

Watch the 2023 Cancer Survivorship Conference Nutrition Food Demo recording

Evaluating nutritional information

There is so much information available online regarding nutrition, but dependable, science based advice can be hard to find. When looking for information, beware of easy answers and quick fixes. Always read headlines and articles carefully. Try to rely on scientific consensus rather than individual recommendations. Below are some reputable nutritional information sources.

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