Emotional support for cancer survivors

We can help you with any distress you're feeling, whether it is related to your cancer diagnosis or not.

Most individuals dealing with cancer experience significant distress at some point. Distress is normal and treatable, and can occur at any time: after diagnosis, during treatment, after treatment is completed or any time in between.

Common types of distress include: 

  • Anxiety or nervousness 
  • Fear of recurrence
  • Frequent worrying
  • High fatigue
  • Loss of motivation
  • Depressed mood
  • Social/family problems
  • Problems sleeping

Let us help

It's convenient

We can meet you at any of the three Nebraska Medicine cancer centers before or after your clinic visits, while you're getting chemotherapy, while you're hospitalized or at some other time that's more convenient to you. 

We're part of your cancer care team

We'll communicate with your other doctors, nurses, case managers, social workers and other providers throughout Nebraska Medicine every day. 

You'll be in expert hands

Our psychology and psychiatry providers are licensed and specialize in cancer care. We have helped hundreds of patients just like you with the emotional and social side of the cancer process.

  • Psychology providers can help you and your caregivers through evidence based therapy and counseling
  • Psychiatry providers can help you with managing medications to assist with distress and sleep

Schedule some time with us

Call 402.559.5600 or ask your doctor, case manager or social worker for a referral to Psychology, Psychiatry or both. 

Have questions? We're here to help.

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