Don't be a turkey — These 6 holiday meal tips will keep you satisfied, not stuffed

Young boy holding cardboard sign saying 'I'm thankful" at Thanksgiving dinner table

It’s really hard to keep your healthy eating habits on track during the holiday season. That's why I recommend these six eating tips to patients who are worried about sticking to their goals in November and December. 

1. Don’t skip meals
Saving all your calories for one meal backfires. Your metabolism thinks you’re starving, so you actually end up eating more than you normally would. 

2. Control your portions
It seems obvious, but it’s hard to do when your eyes are bigger than your stomach. To help, use plates as your guide. Look for smaller plates in general, and avoid mindless snacking when you don’t have a plate in your hand.

3. Choose your favorites
A lot of the foods offered up during the holidays are foods you could have whenever. Instead, choose to spend your calories on the special foods that you’ve waited for all year. 

4. Watch out for liquid calories
Egg nog, beer, wine and soda can add a lot of extra calories and sugar, and they don’t have any nutritional benefits. 

5. Tune in to your body
Try to eat until you’re satisfied, not stuffed. Sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference, but try to pay special attention to your body’s hunger and satiety cues. 

6. Make time to move
Plan a family walk, play a rowdy game with the kids or just turn on some music and dance while you’re cooking!