Sensation restoration after a mastectomy

One of the often NOT talked about problems of breast cancer and reconstruction is that most women will have some degree of numbness of their breasts after surgery. This happens regardless of whether they have breast reconstruction or not, and sensation return is inconsistent at best when it does happen. Sensation restoration is on the frontier of breast reconstruction. Breast and nipple sensation is important both for protective, as well as sexual, function. 

Resensation is a surgical technique designed to restore sensation in the breasts and nipples after surgery. If you are interested in learning more about sensation restoration, we will discuss it in detail at your initial visit. A separate visit is not required. This technique only requires about 15 minutes of extra surgical time.

We are the only providers in the area to offer breast sensation restoration, and Nebraska Medicine is currently one of a few study sites for resensation of buried free flap reconstructions. This study looks at whether innervation of breast free flaps that are mostly or completely covered by breast skin have better sensory outcomes than flaps that are not innervated.

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