Breast Cancer

One Day, One Plan Breast Cancer Consultation

A breast cancer diagnosis is difficult. Thankfully, you have time to get a second opinion before treatment begins. That means you can feel confident you've explored all the options of where to receive care and put the best doctors in the area to work for you. 

In one day as part of the Nebraska Medicine Cancer Network, you'll meet with an entire team of breast cancer specialists in medical, surgical, and radiation oncology. They translate the latest advances in breast cancer care into a plan tailored for you. Our doctors explain in this video the benefits of this new approach to care. 

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Why You Should Give Nebraska Medicine the Honor of Helping You Survive Breast Cancer:

One Day, One Plan is Tailored to Your Needs

Our One Day, One Plan breast cancer consultation streamlines appointments for you. Most importantly however, it brings a multidisciplinary team of breast cancer experts together to provide a comprehensive approach to cancer care based on your personal preferences. When you arrive for an appointment, you see all of the specialists required for that visit in one setting and one appointment. This saves you time and by day's end, our goal is to make sure you feel confident you're on the right path. 

We'll Guide You

Today, there are a multitude of choices available for cancer treatment. Our cancer experts will help you navigate through the many decisions available in breast cancer treatment including: chemotherapy, surgical options such as mastectomy, lumpectomy and the emerging options of oncoplastics breast surgery and  DIEP breast reconstructive surgery as well as radiation therapy and targeted therapies. All treatment plans are developed in a collaborative approach based on your personal choices.

Access to the Newest Treatments

Our breast cancer specialists use current treatments and advanced therapies including clinical trials to improve the outcomes for many breast cancer patients. Genetic testing and advanced reconstructive surgery are also an integral part of the treatment plan. All to offer our patients unique options based on personal preferences.

Most Advanced Diagnostic Tools

As part of the evaluation, all outside films and mammograms are re-reviewed by a specialized breast radiologist. 

We're Here for You

We offer our services at locations throughout the Omaha area. Patients undergoing cancer treatment at Nebraska Medicine also have access to our 24/7 Infusion Center at the Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center, which serves as both a treatment center and 24/7 urgent care-type facility. A rare offering in the region.

Clinical Trials

Many of our specialists are very involved in research to find new treatments and cures for breast cancer. This affords our doctors the opportunity to take part in some of the most current clinical trials, giving you early access to the newest drugs and most cutting-edge treatment options before they become widely available. A new trial offering online resources for rural women who have been diagnosed within the past three months is now open. See which breast cancer clinical trials are going on right now.

Addressing Your Personal Care Needs

Addressing a patient’s physical, educational, emotional and spiritual needs are important aspects of providing a more complete and holistic approach to care. A host of amenities and supportive services are available to help meet your physical, financial, and emotional needs. Once you've gotten past your breast cancer, our Survivorship Clinic is designed to help you deal with the emotional and physical challenges cancer can leave behind such as fear of seeing your cancer return, along with physical and medical long-term side effects of the cancer.