Is LASIK a better value than glasses or contacts?

While the initial investment in LASIK is higher, over time, LASIK is less expensive than buying a new pair of glasses every few years and contacts, as well as the necessary annual exams they require.

LASIK vs. Glasses

The prices of eyeglasses vary dramatically from less than $100 to several hundred dollars depending on the store and whether you buy brand-name frames. For our comparison, we will use a mid-priced frame at $200, and assume you purchase two pairs a year in case the first breaks.

Two frames cost $400 a year, or $4,000 over a decade. With annual exams added in for prescription changes, your eye-care bill could be close to $4,500.

For LASIK, each eye costs approximately $2,250 to $2,500, but the benefits of the surgery will last for decades. So, while you are paying more up front with LASIK, you will spend less in the long run.

LASIK vs. Contacts

  • Soft Disposable Lenses
  • Initial exam with contact lens fitting: $250
  • Annual eye exam: $175
  • Annual fitting for contacts: $50
  • Annual supply of contacts: $250
  • Contact solution: $75 per year

The annual cost for contacts is approximately $800. Over a decade, the price is $8,000.

As you can see, with LASIK you're saving a significant amount of money over time compared with prescription glasses and contacts.

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