If you’ve previously had a vasectomy, but are now considering having another child, vasectomy reversal could restore your ability to conceive naturally with your partner.

A vasectomy reversal is a three-hour-long surgery where the previously cut tubes that carry sperm, called vas deferens, are reconnected. During the surgery, Christopher Deibert, MD, will remove any scar tissue caused by your previous vasectomy and carefully reconstruct the connection with the help of a microscope.

Vasectomy reversals tend to be more successful if you’ve had your vasectomy more recently. The surgery is less likely to be successful if a significant amount of time has passed since your original vasectomy.  

What to expect at your first visit

Your initial appointment with Dr. Deibert can be a telehealth or an in-person visit.  

During your visit, the doctor will ask you some personal questions that will help determine if vasectomy reversal is right for you. Here are some topics he will likely want to discuss:  

  • Your prior fertility experience 
  • How long it’s been since your vasectomy 
  • How many children you have now 
  • The number of children you’d like to have in the future 
  • Your current relationship with your partner 
  • What led you to change your mind about your vasectomy 

If Dr. Deibert determines that vasectomy reversal isn’t right for you, there’s still hope. An alternative is in-vitro fertilization (IVF). During IVF, doctors remove sperm directly from the testicles to fertilize your partner’s eggs. 

Why you should choose Nebraska Medicine 

Dr. Deibert is the only male fertility fellowship-trained urologist in the state of Nebraska. His practice focuses primarily on male fertility and microscopic surgical repair, including vasectomy reversal.  

When it comes to vasectomy reversals, Dr. Deibert has a 90% overall success rate.

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