A history of top performance

In 1990, Nebraska Medicine transplantation specialists were among the first to recognize patients suffering from complications of intestinal failure and began performing liver and intestinal transplants. 

In 1993, we became one of the first medical centers to perform isolated intestinal transplants. 

In 2000, we formalized our Intestinal Rehabilitation Program, providing a successful alternative for selected patients suffering from intestinal failure

Today, Nebraska Medicine is one of a few facilities with expertise in intestinal failure—and one of the busiest programs in the United States. The pediatric intestinal transplant team at Nebraska Medicine also prides itself in seeing patients from infancy all the way through adulthood.

Nebraska Medicine is also one of the original Medicare-designated centers to perform multi-visceral (transplanting multiple organs of the digestive system) and intestinal transplants for pediatric and adult patients in the nation. 

The transplant team at Nebraska Medicine was one of the early innovators of intestinal transplantation and continues to be a leading force within the field for intestinal procedures. Not only have we performed numerous transplants, but we have also trained a generation of clinicians around the world.

One of the largest pediatric providers for intestinal transplant therapy in the country 

  • One of the early founders of treatment for intestinal failure and one of the first programs to introduce intestinal transplantation
  • We thoroughly evaluate all patients to determine specific interventions for treatment 
  • We provide comprehensive follow-up education and support to patients, families and their primary physicians 
  • We are a leader in patient and graft survival outcomes 

A well-established multidisciplinary team

Many members of the team have decades of experience in assisting families through the transplant process. Our pediatric nurse coordinators will continue to follow your child once you return home after transplant. We will transition your child after age 19 to the adult team where the coordinators are different, but the transplant surgeons are still the same. You do not have to get to know a new team once your child gets older. 

Our team usually consists of:  

  • Transplant surgeon 
  • Transplant gastroenterologist/hepatologist 
  • Transplant nurse coordinators  
  • Infectious diseases specialist 
  • Pharmacist 
  • Psychologist 
  • Dietician 
  • Social worker 
  • Child life specialist 
  • Financial counselor 

We offer 24/7 phone support 365 days out of the year for our patients, their families and referring physicians.

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