Next steps after referral

After the referral process is complete, we will begin getting to know your child through the pre-transplant call that will come from one of our trained pediatric nurse coordinators. The coordinator will gather information about your child and request any records that would be beneficial for our team to review. Once we receive this information along with insurance approval, we will schedule your child for their initial transplant evaluation.  

Before your visit with the team, we ask that you coordinate bringing TPN, all medications, and supplies needed in order to come to Omaha for a few days. The evaluation is outpatient and we will work with you and your child on lodging, providing a map and list of appointments and times, and travel arrangements. We want to make sure that your stay in Omaha is a pleasant experience and as stress free for you and your family as possible. 

Our goal is to create a strong long-term relationship with your family and your local health care team so we will do whatever is necessary to care for you and your child.  

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