What to Expect After Your Intestine Transplant

The extraordinary care you received at Nebraska Medicine does not end when you leave the hospital. Once you return home, our intestinal transplant team will continue to follow and monitor your progress.

If you, your family, or your physician have any questions or concerns, we are always available to help.

After Your Operation

Before you leave the hospital, a transplant coordinator and transplant pharmacist will go over your discharge instructions and provide you with a detailed instruction notebook.

Once you leave the hospital, your activities will not be restricted. However, you should avoid heavy lifting for the first month after your transplant. You will receive dietary instructions that may include eliminating salt at the table, as well as concentrated sweets and diary products.

Some patients, typically children, will require nasogastric tube feedings for a period of time to support wound healing, strength and growth. A transplant dietitian will be available to answer your nutritional questions.

Outpatient Care

You will need to stay in the Omaha area to receive outpatient care for at least three months before returning home. Your lab work will be monitored, and you will be seen weekly in our transplant clinic, or as needed. Your time in Omaha allows you and your family to become familiar with your medical plan of care. It also allows the team to adjust your medication and address any other concerns that might arise.