Are you experiencing mood changes after having a baby? During the first couple of weeks after having a baby, your emotions may seem like they come out of nowhere. Symptoms like irritability, anxiety, sudden bouts of crying or feeling unmotivated are normal during this time. After all, your hormones are changing and you're probably living on very little sleep.

If you don't start feeling more like yourself after those few initial weeks, you may be experiencing more than the "baby blues." Postpartum depression is a real struggle for about 15 percent of women after childbirth. If you are suffering from any of the following symptoms, please reach out to us. 

  • Not feeling as happy or lighthearted as usual
  • Not looking forward to things or enjoying things as much as usual
  • Blaming yourself when things go wrong
  • Feeling anxious or worried for no good reason
  • Feeling scared or panicky for no good reason
  • Feeling so unhappy or anxious that you have difficulty sleeping
  • Feeling sad or miserable
  • Crying more than usual
  • Having thoughts that people would be better off without you or thoughts of harming yourself

What to expect during your first visit

During your first visit, we will ask you to fill out some forms to gather as much information as possible. You will then have a complete interview with a mental health specialist. The doctor will take a full history to review the symptoms you have now and may have experienced in the past. These questions also help us look for any other conditions that may be occurring along with your current symptoms. We may also decide to take a blood sample to rule out any physical issues. This first visit will last about one hour. 

Why you should choose Nebraska Medicine for postpartum depression and anxiety treatment

The Nebraska Medicine Reproductive Psychiatry program is the regional leader for treating postpartum women with mental health concerns. Our reproductive psychiatry specialists are experts in diagnosing and treating postpartum depression and receive ongoing medical training to provide the best possible treatment options for new mothers.
Our services include supportive counseling, mental health therapy and medication management during and after pregnancy. Our team supports breastfeeding and is knowledgeable about medication use during breastfeeding. 

We understand how difficult it is to get to appointments during the postpartum period and we are pleased to offer telehealth services for initial and follow-up visits so you may complete the visit from your own home. If you feel like you may be struggling with postpartum depression or anxiety, we are here to help.

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