Preceptors are involved and engaged throughout our program and can best be described through the eyes and experiences of our former, current, and future prospective residents.


1. PGY1 Applicant’s Overall Interview Experience for the 2021 Interview Season 

“The personalized approach and genuine care for me as an individual made this an extremely outstanding interview experience! Definitely one of the best because of the personal aspect/touches - felt like EVERYBODY I spoke with genuinely was interested in getting to know me better.” 

Anonymous PGY1 applicant’s feedback on their interview experience (March 2021)


2. PGY1 Applicant’s Interview Experience with the PGY1 RPD for the 2021 Interview Season 

“Dr. Fuller was hands-down the kindest and most sincere RPD (or any pharmacy residency member) I have met with in this entire process. Definitely set a STANDARD for all. Dr. Fuller alone sold me on the program during recruitment and reaffirmed my interest during the interview. I can tell he truly cares about his residents and even to care about the candidates means so much. Being at such a prestigious institution, it was an honor for someone at such a position to take the time to get to know me.”

Anonymous PGY1 applicant’s feedback on their interview experience (March 2021)


3. Resident Recruitment (2020 Nebraska Medicine "Getting to Know Us" Residency Session)

"I felt that this informational session had the most “family” atmosphere of any virtual showcase I have attended thus far. I really appreciated how Dr. Fuller took the time to let each participant go around and share a little bit more about him/her self. He answered each introduction with follow up questions or comments, and I could tell he was genuinely interested in learning more about our background. Recruiting for residency in a virtual manner is hard for both programs and candidates, but Nebraska Medicine did a great job of making me feel welcomed and showed a genuine interest in me as a person.” 

Anonymous candidate’s feedback on their virtual experience (November 2020)


4. Internal Medicine I experience with Dr. Sarah Bailey

“I felt incredibly lucky to have had Sarah as a preceptor for my first clinical rotation as a resident. Sarah had clear, high expectations for me each day and held me accountable for my responsibilities. She was supportive and responsive to any questions I had throughout the day. She fostered an environment where it felt each and comfortable to explain my recommendations and thought processes when we pre-rounded each morning.”

Madeline Blaha (2020-2021)


5. Cardiovascular ICU Rotational Experience with Dr. Greg Peitz

“Dr. Peitz made expectations of the rotation clear. He also had me set goals for myself each week and helped me achieve these goals. He set up topic discussions in a manner that allowed adequate time to prepare. You can tell that Greg is passionate about teaching and pushing residents to go beyond where they are comfortable with (which is what a residency year is all about). I really appreciated the feedback and guidance he gave me throughout the rotation.”

Megan Ingebrigtson (2019-2020)


6.  Let’s say the year is 2050, when reflecting back on your residency year (2020), what will you remember most (aside from the COVID-19 pandemic)?

“I will absolutely remember the mornings in the office with my co-residents, drinking coffee and probably overtired. These times will forever hold a very special place in my memory and I will miss the companionship as I continue in my career. I am so happy to share in my co-residents’ happiness, their joys and successes throughout this time, as they have shared in mine.”    

Rachael Eaton (2019-2020)


7. Adult Liver Transplant Rotational Experience with Dr. Mary Leick

“It was great working with Dr. Leick over the past month. She challenged me to grow as an independent pharmacist, and I left the rotation confident that I have the abilities to handle a large and very complex patient population. She was patient with me while I grew accustomed to the service and gained confidence with the medical team. She was always available for questions and/or concerns. It is evident that she is passionate about the growth of her learners and she definitely provides the necessary support for them to achieve their goals.”

Grashma Vadakkel (2018-2019)


8. Ambulatory Care Rotational Experience with Dr. Angela Hawkins

“Dr. Hawkins was a fine preceptor. It is obvious how much she cares about her patients and not just managing their disease states. She asks them about their personal lives, which forms a bond that allows patients to trust her. She goes out of her way to provide extraordinary patient care and has created an environment where physicians are free to ask he any questions. She was quick to provide feedback and I was able to implement the feedback easily because she clear with her expectations.”

Katie Serbin (2018-2019)


9. Longitudinal Research Experience with Dr. Emily Kathol

“My research experience was very positive because the guidance and support I received from Emily. She set aside time frequently to discuss different aspects of the project and to address any concerns or questions I had. I greatly appreciated her timeliness in providing feedback and responding to questions via email. My growth in research grew exponentially because the knowledge Emily shared, and I am very thankful for the opportunity to work alongside her.”

Brooke Deason (2018-2019)


10. Commitment to Residents for Life

“To this day, Pat and I still stay in touch, and given the opportunity we get together at pharmacy meetings. He was an excellent mentor when I was transitioning between jobs. Through these personal experiences and conversations with residents at other programs, I know that Dr. Fuller’s dedication to each and every resident is incomparable. He remains one of my most valued mentors because of his enthusiasm and willingness to assist both his past and current residents with professional endeavors.”

TrisAnn Rendulic (2011-2012)