Nebraska Medicine has an expert team of doctors dedicated to the comprehensive treatment of acute and chronic pain conditions. Our goal is to focus on the whole patient when designing a treatment plan individualized for you.

Chronic pain is defined as pain lasting longer then three months. It may interfere with your ability to work, sleep, play or take on the important things in life. Our goal is to help you not only address the pain problem itself, but also focus on the underlying conditions that lead to or contribute to pain.

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Why Come to Nebraska Medicine for Your Pain Management?

Back pain specialists

See the variety of ways we work to relieve you of back pain.

Cancer pain specialists

Pain control should ideally be addressed during the time of diagnosis. At Nebraska Medicine, cancer pain management is available to all cancer patients.

Headache specialists

We use techniques ranging from electrical sensors to eliminating certain foods to get your headaches to cease.

Treatments unique to you

In some cases that means after evaluating you, we advise physical therapy or a procedure we can perform to relieve your pain. We may also consider medication management in the appropriate circumstances or psychological care. Depression and anxiety are common in patients who have spent significant time in pain. Our goal is to connect you with the best possible treatment to get you relief.

A multidisciplinary approach

Our pain team coordinates with physical therapists, occupational therapists, surgeons, and those who specialize in psychological issues and massage, in order to provide you with the best diagnosis for your pain, as well as treatment.

A deep bench of specialists

While we pull together the most experienced team in the region to collectively decide how best to help you, each of our doctors is an expert in one or a handful of specific types of pain.

Treatments for numerous conditions

While we help many patients with more typical back pain and spine pain, it's not unusual for us see patients with a wide variety of other pain conditions, including joint pain, post-surgical pain, foot and ankle pain, headache and facial pain, as well as others.

Dry needling to relieve pain

Dry needling is a technique physical therapists use to help relieve pain related to a certain motion you're performing. A dry needle is a solid needle that is inserted into muscles that are causing your pain symptoms. Even though patients don't really feel the needle inserted and there is no medication administered, they can still experience some minor soreness afterward. While it might sound like acupuncture, it isn't, mainly because it's based on Western research and techniques, not Eastern traditional medicine techniques. Normally dry needling is part of a larger treatment plan covered by many insurance companies.

Proven credentials

Unlike many pain clinics, our doctors are all board certified in pain management, and most are fellowship trained as well.

Financial counseling

We are fully aware that an issue with pain unfortunately can't always be solved with a visit or two, meaning those doctor visits can often translate into financial stress. To help you cope, we can bring in a financial service counselor to help navigate the costs associated with being treated, if necessary.

Convenient locations

Our doctors rotate so we can see you at any of our three locations – Midtown, Bellevue or Village Pointe – as well as some of our clinics in other communities.     

Our chronic pain management program

We've been helping people manage pain for 42 years through our program for those dealing with chronic pain issues.