Nebraska Medicine's oral and maxillofacial surgery specialists offer care for adult and pediatric patients from some of the most recognized surgeons in the area along with an advanced residency program to teach this medical specialty. From wisdom teeth removal to complicated jaw surgeries done nowhere else in the region, you can be confident that the most skilled doctors in the area will be providing you with the best surgical care possible.

Why you should choose Nebraska Medicine for your Oral and Maxillofacial surgery needs

Skilled Surgeons

Our specialists are trained and experienced at performing a wide range of procedures. They are continually training on new techniques for common procedures as well as evaluating and training on new procedures in this rapidly changing industry.

Some of these procedures include:

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  • Preparing For Oral Maxillofacial Surgery - Before Surgery Guide

    Proper preparation prior to Oral or Maxillofacial surgery is important to a successful procedure. Read our pre-operation preparation guidelines.

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  • After Oral Maxillofacial Surgery - Recovery Guidelines

    Preparing for post-op recovery from Oral Maxillofacial surgery is important for patients and caregivers. Learn about recovery with our post-operation guidelines.

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  • Post-Operative Osteotomy Instructions

    It's important to learn about the recovery and post operation process of a Osteotomy procedure in advance. Get a full guide here from Nebraska Medicine.

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  • Post-Operative Sinus Precautions

    Post-Operative Care is important. Read a bullet list of post-operative sinus precautions and instructions here.

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