If you have a mood or anxiety disorder or another mental health problem, you know how it can overshadow every moment, even the happy ones. It can affect your quality of life, personal relationships, productivity and general health.

The psychiatry staff at Nebraska Medicine provide diagnostic evaluations, second opinions, and treatment for a wide array of mental health problems regardless of your age. We treat everything from adjustment reactions to severe and persistent mental illness. Our compassionate clinicians use proven treatment strategies with a team approach to help you work through your problems and return to feeling better.

To Improve Your Mental Health Nebraska Medicine Offers

Services Near You

We offer a variety of outpatient psychiatric services in our clinics where you already go for traditional health care needs. When necessary, we also offer services for anyone who must stay in the hospital while working through a severe psychological crisis. In addition, we are increasingly providing our services throughout Nebraska and neighboring states through video interaction.

Experts Versed in the Latest Techniques

Our psychiatrists, advanced practice providers and masters level therapists are experts in the latest evidenced-based medication and talk therapies

Maintaining Good Mental Health while Coping with Physical Disease

Often our team members are called upon by specialists in other diseases to make sure patients are mentally healthy, before undergoing treatment. So if you're about to go through treatment for cancer, for example, we'll often be there to help you prepare psychologically.

Long-Term Help

Our psychiatrists regularly counsel adults with developmental disabilities.

Our Locations

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  • Active Support for Psychosis in Recovery

    If you or someone you love is living with psychosis, it is important to know that help is available. Our ASPIRE program is a treatment center for people with psychotic disorders.

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