At Nebraska Medicine, when we have to surgically create an opening in the body so you can discharge waste appropriately, our team does everything possible to help you make the experience of  having to deal with this new reality as private and hassle-free as possible.

How We Handle Your Ostomy at Nebraska Medicine

Quality of Your Life is Paramount

Before you go into surgery, we carefully study your body for the best possible spot to make the ostomy, to keep it as hidden and unobtrusive as possible.


We provide education related to keeping the area clean and odor-free, diet and nutrition guidance, and living a normal life with an ostomy, including exercising and other physical challenges. 

No Case Too Complex

We specialize in assisting you with particularly complex or difficult appliance (pouching) issues. If your bag for example, won't stick, we know how to help you with those sorts of issues. We have a nurse practitioner who is world-renowned in ostomy care, which is part of the reason we believe we can help with even complex, frustrating cases. 

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