Am I eligible for a pancreas transplant?

If you are considering a pancreas transplant, the following information can be used to help determine whether or not you might be eligible for the procedure. Keep in mind that these lists are just a starting point. Please schedule an appointment with one of our specialists to help determine your eligibility for pancreas transplantation.

In order to qualify for pancreas transplantation, a patient must:

  • Have diabetes and early complications of the disease and/or hypoglycemia unawareness (insulin reactions) that have not responded to other medical treatments.
  • Have adequate kidney function to tolerate the anti-rejection medications needed after transplant.
  • Qualify for and be able to tolerate major surgery.
  • Understand the risks and benefits of transplantation, including the long-term need for close medical followup and lifelong need for anti-rejection therapy.
  • Accept responsibility for the long-term care required after transplantation, including financial responsibilities.

A patient may not be eligible for a pancreas transplant due to:

  • The presence of some other life-threatening disease or condition that would not improve with transplantation. This would include certain cancers, infections that cannot be treated or cured, and severe, uncorrectable heart disease.
  • A history of chronic noncompliance including, but not limited to, medical treatments, medications, or other behaviors that would affect the patient's ability to fully care for themselves after transplantation.
  • A history of chronic and ongoing drug and/or alcohol abuse that cannot be successfully treated before transplantation, putting the patient at risk for continued harmful behavior after transplantation.
  • A history of serious psychiatric disorders that cannot be successfully treated before transplantation and would be considered a high risk for ongoing or increased severity of the psychiatric disorder after transplantation.

Considering pancreas transplantation?

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