Transplant financial counseling

We know that insurance coverage is hard to understand and with a transplant it can become even more difficult. Our financial counselors will go over your insurance coverage with you at the time of your transplant evaluation. Transplant Financial Counselors are specially trained in transplant financial issues. They take referrals and check benefits. Our team is composed of people who deal with these issues every day, and they will help guide you through the required financial steps.

We are available to you and your family to help answer any questions you may have. However, knowing your insurance coverage as much as possible will help you better understand the process.

Questions to ask your insurance provider

Following are some insurance questions to consider, and it may be helpful for you to learn the answers. Some of these questions are in reference to insurance coverage in general and some are directed specifically to transplantation:

  • When is the new enrollment period for insurance coverage at the company where you or your family member is employed?
  • What is your deductible and have you met it this year?
  • What is your out-of-pocket maximum?
  • What are your co-payments, especially on medications?
  • What is your insurance policy maximum?
  • Do your benefits have a transplant maximum?
  • Have you been assigned a case manager from your insurance company?
  • Does your insurance provider use a transplant network?
  • Does your insurance coverage provide a travel and lodging benefit?
  • Do you have home care benefits in your policy?

Always have your insurance card available when you go to the doctor or hospital. Do not be afraid to call your insurance company with questions and make sure you get the name of the person you talk to for future reference.


Pediatric transplant patients may also qualify for support through The Lane Thomas Foundation.

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