Psychiatric Medications During Pregnancy and Lactation

Psychiatric disorders such as depression and anxiety are among the most common illnesses affecting women of childbearing age. It is no surprise, then, that many women must decide whether to continue psychiatric medications during their pregnancies. These decisions are best made by consulting with a mental health professional who specializes in reproductive psychiatry and is up-to-date on the latest research about psychiatric illnesses and medications during pregnancy and postpartum.

At the Nebraska Medicine Reproductive Psychiatry Clinic we have a dedicated team of clinicians who are regional experts in treating women during pregnancy and the postpartum. We see women with psychiatric disorders who are pregnant or who wish to discuss options before becoming pregnant. We follow and treat women throughout their pregnancies,  breastfeeding and for up to one-year postpartum to assure the best transition for you and your family.

Breastfeeding and Medication

Breastfeeding is often an area of concern for women who take psychiatric medications. Medication use during breastfeeding may be a continuation of medications taken throughout pregnancy or may be new medications started after delivery for postpartum depression or anxiety. At the Nebraska Medicine Reproductive Psychiatry Clinic, we help support women who choose to breastfeed by reviewing the latest information about medications and breastfeeding to assist them in making decisions for themselves and their infants.

We are Here to Help

Decisions about treatment during pregnancy can seem difficult and overwhelming, but the clinicians at Nebraska Medicine Reproductive Psychiatry Clinic are here to support and guide you as a partner in your health care with the information you need.