Musculoskeletal Radiology

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High-resolution CT and MRI technology enable our musculoskeletal radiologists to make rapid, accurate diagnoses. Reliable results enable timely, appropriate therapy.

Accurate and rapid diagnosis is critical with many sports-related injuries. Timely treatment can prevent further damage and return patients to normal or near-normal activities. Chronic conditions such as arthritis may also limit mobility and cause pain. Nebraska Medicine - Radiology uses advanced, highly detailed imaging technology to pinpoint problems in the musculoskeletal system and guide effective treatment.

Our fellowship-trained radiologists also use advanced technologies to examine other diseases of the bones and soft tissues, such as tumors. Detailed images of these conditions guide and demonstrate the progress of treatment.

Our board-certified musculoskeletal subspecialists are adept at recognizing the type and extent of an injury or disease process. Our familiarity with the problems that occur in bones, joints and muscles enables us to recognize disease and diagnose it correctly.

Focus on Patient Comfort and Safety

In addition to our clinical excellence, we pride ourselves on the courtesy and care we show our patients. We recognize that each person who comes to us for a diagnostic procedure deserves our respect and full attention. We continually improve our protocols to make patients as comfortable as possible.

Collaborative Care

Nebraska Medicine - Radiology understands the need to provide timely results and the importance of  working closely with referring physicians. We treat patients with respect and courtesy and maintain excellent communication with referring physicians.