Preparing for Your Mammogram


Wear loose comfortable clothing for mammography. You will also be asked to put on a gown for the examination. Metallic objects such as jewelry must be removed prior to imaging. Please don't use powders, creams or deodorants in the region of the breasts or under the arms.

Women should also inform the technologist if there is any possibility of pregnancy.

In General:

  • Please plan on showing up 15 minutes prior to scheduled exam time
  • Expect the scan to take approximately 15 to 30 minutes
  • Results will be given to the ordering physician’s office within 24 hrs
  • Results will also be mailed to the address which you provide

Specific examples of common preparations are as follows:

  • Please no deodorants, powders or lotions in the region of the breasts or armpits the day of the exam

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