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Dedicated subspecialists at Nebraska Medicine - Radiology provide extraordinary insight into your patients’ conditions. We are experts in application of advanced CT, MRI and ultrasound to evaluate thoracic and cardiac disease processes.

Cardiothoracic imaging produces fast CT images of the heart in the space of a single beat. Fellowship-trained subspecialists at Nebraska Medicine - Radiology use this and other advanced technologies to observe and diagnose cardiac, pulmonary and other cardiothoracic disorders with great accuracy.

Our subspecialization in cardiothoracic imaging provides a high level of expertise to aid diagnosis and to help direct treatment as effectively as possible.

Compassionate Care

Patients with cardiac and pulmonary conditions are often in delicate health. We take the time to care for patients with sensitivity and understanding. We recognize that a patient’s health may depend on timely results from our imaging studies. Our highly accurate reports are rapidly available, allowing for well-informed medical decisions.

Collaborative Care

We work closely with our referring clinicians, who have our respect and full attention.

Our objective is to support referring clinicians and patients in order to provide the most effective care and improve patient health to the greatest degree possible.

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