Abdominal Imaging

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Our subspecialty focus on the organs and structures of the abdomen provides valuable insight into the full spectrum of conditions affecting abdominal structures and overall health.

The variety of organs and structures of the abdomen, combined with the many possible disorders in the abdomen, present special challenges for diagnostic imaging. Nebraska Medicine - Radiology uses MRI, CT and ultrasound to produce high-resolution images that are most effective for accurate diagnoses.

Our fellowship-trained, board-certified subspecialists focus solely on conditions within the abdomen. Our expertise assures you of a confident diagnosis on which you can base the most effective treatment.

Compassionate Care

When a patient is referred for imaging, he or she will receive attentive, compassionate care. Our technicians and staff are sensitive to each patient’s individual needs.

Patients are often anxious to learn the results of the exams we perform. We report our exams rapidly, so appropriate treatment may be instituted.

Collaborative Care

When a clinician refers a patient to us, we continue to work closely with that valued clinician. Every referring clinician has our respect and full attention. Our collaborative style allows referring clinicians to work with a single team for all diagnostic and interventional radiology procedures.

Our objective is to support referring clinicians and patients by providing the most effective care.